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April 16, 2013
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deviantART, we have a problem.

Tue Apr 16, 2013, 4:57 PM

Problems on deviantART?

It happens to us all at some point... We find a problem. This problem could be another user, some art or a technical glitch. The types of problems are you could encounter here on deviantART could span 100 news articles, so we will just focus on the most common issues and how to get help with them.

deviantART Users

You will, at some point, have an issue with another deviant. Just like in real life, personalities collide, heads will butt, and tempers will flare. But when does it become a problem? And how do you solve the problem?

Harassment is a serious issue. Comments made to you, even if by note, that are "extremely aggressive, insulting or otherwise extremely abusive" are not allowed. The Etiquette Policy and dA FAQ 238 makes this 100% clear. If someone is contacting you and behaving this way, the first thing you should do is to BLOCK THEM. Once you block them, they can't communicate with you anymore. Now, if they continue to harass you through their own profile or on other deviant's or group's profiles, you will need to file a report with the Help Desk.

Harassment: A Survival GuideIt's no secret that the members of deviantART are an opinionated bunch! For good or ill, there is always plenty to say about art that speaks to them. This is great, yet amidst those opinions you're bound to get reactions that are nothing more than word pollution or troll bait. How many of you have logged into deviantART and been faced with this problem?

We've all seen it, been a victim of it, or at least heard about it: Folk out in the digital world living for nothing more than the joy of ruffling peoples' feathers. Well not to worry dear reader, because I've compiled a survivor's guide on how to slay the beast of text pollution: le trolls!
:bulletred: Identify The Problem!
Being the level-headed fantastical artist that you are, when it comes to outrageous claims and aggravating comments regarding your work it seems like common sense for you to set the record straight and reply to these virtual text hoodlums. I

Spam and Flooding
Spam and flooding are some other issues you may come across. Repeating the same message (comment or note) to you over and over is not okay and is generally considered spam but is actually called flooding. Commercial exploits on deviantART are considered spam and are not allowed. If you see this behavior or are a victim of it, contact the Help Desk. Do not approach the deviant who is doing these things, and if these things are being done TO YOU, make sure you BLOCK THE DEVIANT.

Bullying is a terrible issue and is found on every social site on the internet. Bullying, sometimes called 'trolling' or 'white knighting' is not allowed on deviantART. If you think you are the victim of a bully, contact the Help Desk. And make sure you BLOCK THE DEVIANT.

Bullying is so COMMON: The Essay by KobayashiHisa

Offensive Works on deviantART

Eventually, you will find some art that you just don't like. O-well. But at some point, you might find art that is just plain offensive or obscene. If you do find art that just doesn't seem like it belongs on deviantART, tell the Help Desk.

Hate Art
Hate art is not allowed on deviantART. Hate art is "clearly racist or bigoted..." Promoting slavery, torture, hatred, killing, etc of any identifiable group of people (race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, etc) is expressly forbidden on deviantART as stated in FAQ #12 and in the submission policy you agree to every time you submit anything to deviantART. If you see art that appears to be hate art, contact the Help Desk or use the Report Deviation link found on every page that has artwork on it. If the user who submitted the possible hate art is bothering you, BLOCK THEM.

Art Theft and Copyright
Art theft is the deviantART way of saying "copyright infringement." Sometimes you may see artwork that appears to be suspect or from a different source even though the deviant who uploaded it claims it is their work. If you see this and are really really sure the work isn't theirs, use the Report Deviation link to report the work. Do not attempt to speak with the person or reason with them. If you do, you may end up needing to block them because they will be angry and may verbally attack you. If you know who the actual artist is, contact that person so they can file a real copyright report or DMCA takedown with deviantART (something only the copyright holder can do). To read more about the copyright policy on deviantART (that you agreed to follow when you signed up for an account), read this. Don't forget that deviantART does not recognize Fair Use and that even if you are outside the USA that you still must follow the laws of the USA.

A Copyright Briefing (New Updates 3/5/13)I am not a lawyer. I do not know everything there is to know about copyright law and cannot assist you with legal matters. I have studied copyright extensively and written many DMCA Takedown Requests for myself to successfully get the illegal use of my work stopped. This article is in no way comprehensive. It does not include 100% detail on copyright laws. If you want more information or just want to browse more of my writing on copyrights, please go here.
Copyright and "Theft"
Why sharing can be illegal.
There is quite a bit of confusion about copyright law, the DMCA, fair use, de minimus, etc. And rightly so. I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt when I come across what appears to be a "theft" issue. Even people in the United States, the home of the DMCA and one of the strongest supporters of

Porn and Underage Models
Pornographic imagery is not allowed on deviantART. Period. Some forms of nudity are allowed, but in general, all explicit adult material is not allowed on this website. This includes linking to such content from journals or deviation descriptions - it just isn't allowed. Also, minors (people under the age of 18) are not allowed to be sexualized (real or made-up). If you see pornographic material, use the Report Deviation link on the artwork. Do not approach the user. If you find art that appears to follow the policy but may need a mature tag added (like nudity or violence), simply use the Report Deviation link and say so (there is that option).

Issues with Journals
Journals have their own issues. Like I said above, you can't link to outside sources of explicit adult material. You also cannot promote or distribute warez, cracked software, etc from your journal. There are other general rules for journals such as not promoting hatred, calling out other users, making negative lists for people to target, etc. If you find a journal that appears to be breaking any rules, simply contact the Help Desk and explain the issue. If the staff thinks it violates the rules, they will remove it.

Technical Glitches

EEK! Yes, welcome to technology! Even the best laid out website will have issues from time to time. deviantART must change with the times, with user demands, with technology, and more. Features are added to the site all the time and need testing too. Depending on how you use your account, you may find more glitches than other users. The bottom line is that if you find a glitch, contact the Help Desk and explain the issue... Screenshots help! You can also choose to stay informed about all the issues and changes being made. You can also choose to become a beta tester if you want to see all kinds of awesome stuff and help fix it! *nerdvana* Bottom line though... don't panic! It will get fixed.

Official deviantART groups you should watch/join...
:iconhq: :iconcommunityops: :iconcommunityrelations: :iconfella: :icondevbug:

Awesome community groups you should watch/join...
Groups Directory Update
 Group Love 

deviantART is an artist dream come true  and caters to artist from all artistic mediums. I know of no other
online community that is in constant contact with their members and 
allows members to run their own groups with specific rules and 
guidelines that you have decided for your group. 
If you are not interested in becoming a founder or administrator of a group, deviantART has hundreds if not thousands
of groups for you to search and find one or more that is to your 
comfort level and liking. Groups are a fantastic way to find other 
artist to discuss techniques, share idea's, collaborate and make new 
Question for the Reader; How often do you 
search for a new group to join or to find a group that is centered 
around your interest  Discuss in the comments area of this journal 

Ha! Too many to list here, but that journal has so many great ones listed!

Questions on Fanart? Please see this amazing and very informative video: [link]

To be clear, I am not a member of the staff nor do I get any special information or treatment on deviantART. I simply make reports, ask questions, read the FAQs and stay involved with the community to learn as much as I can. I am more than happy to answer all your questions, but understand that I am basing my answers off of my own experiences and off of how I understand and have understood explanations of the various policies on deviantART (through official deviantART journals, help desk inquiries, and contact with different staff members).

I am not an expert (I learn new stuff everyday). I cannot make reports for you. I cannot remove art. I cannot ban people. And I most certainly cannot change any policies on deviantART or any laws in the USA.

But I will help you to the best of my ability.

:heart: Lantiis
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3D-Art-Font Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I am looking for members, they are banned and lost their money. 
bloodat Featured By Owner May 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have a problem. Everytime I want to upload a deviation ( I already added the name and description) the name of the file stays and the describtion is gone. Maybe you know why it doesn't work?
iLantiis Featured By Owner May 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't, I'm sorry. You need to submit a trouble ticket to the Help Desk.
bloodat Featured By Owner May 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's okay thanks anyway...
SpookyEternalDragon Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014
I have a problem. I am unable to log onto my other account Spookythedragon.
At first I thought I was hacked and tried changing my pass but even though I did I still couldn't get on.
Here's a video I took of me trying to get in after changing my pass. And no, I typed nothing wrong everything right.…
Do you know what kind of problem this could be?
iLantiis Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You will need to contact the help desk. I cannot help you with that.
SpookyEternalDragon Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014
I already did. No help with that. :shrug:
Zunachina Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014  Student General Artist
I wanna report this guy He keeps posting nudity and uncensored penetration in comment sections and his icon should be banned too.
iLantiis Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You will need to contact the help desk. I cannot help you with that.
Shinobi-Gambu Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Student General Artist
Hello there.  That's a nice article.  But I have a question and I'm highly concerned about it.

This falls under the Art Theft and Copyright category.  And I have a lot of proof for this.

What if I have found a user who has his entire gallery stolen and most of the copyrighted material originate from other websites?
The user is still Submitting copyrighted material as of now.  He has been kindly asked to take such material (That violate the rules) down but still ignores the warning(s).

Now I know that a couple of users whose works got stolen are no longer active on this site, or the artist has never had an account here.

Or some users say that the DMCA does not apply effect in the country they could respectively be from.  Is there any way to deal with such issue?
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