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Animated Rainbow Star Divider by Gasara

You heard me. It isn't better than the 90s anime.

Now put your panties back on people.

I said it isn't "better" ... I did not say it is "bad" or not "good" ... I am honestly very excited and loved seeing the leaked footage. I think, besides the original anime and my current favorite version of Sailor Moon, the live action PGSM, that this may be one of the best renditions of Sailor Moon to date! I am ridiculously in love with the new animation and style they are using. It is far more modern using modern techniques and staying very true to the original manga styles of the characters that Naoko created. It is literally a Sailor Moon made for the modern day and age and will bring a whole new generation of people together as fans of Sailor Moon! Stop hating because it looks different than the 90s anime!!

You simply cannot compare the 90s anime to Crystal.

You just can't so stop. Just stop. I keep seeing people rant about how it is different - it's still Sailor Moon and the storyline we all love. It is (thankfully) modernized with all the available technology of today. It is the manga style of anatomy and movement turned into an anime. Literally. If you have a problem with that than I assume you have a problem with the original manga which predates the 90s anime (that is a terrible assumption to make and should not be taken seriously lol). It makes me feel like I should slap the crap out of you. (that would be rude lol) 

You cannot compare the 90s anime style and animation to the style and animation used for Crystal.
The anatomy is like the manga but modified to fit motion pictures (aka TV).
It's a completely different technique used to color and animate.
Crystal is all digital; the 90s anime was all traditional cells.

Doing the same thing all over again is bad business.

Obviously the transformations, attacks, clothing, etc will be updated and different. This is a whole new era with new styles, fashions, thoughts, ideas, economic struggles, technology... Each new creation is different: the musicals, the 90s anime, the games, the live action series... and now the reboot (SM-Crystal). Each storyline has it's basic set-up, but it will be altered somewhat from the original manga storyline based on the medium it is presented in. I think the reboot (SM-Crystal) will be the closest to the manga out of all the storylines as the leaked footage appears to support that theory. BUT IT WILL BE DIFFERENT.

If they kept everything the same an just redid the animations of the 90s anime, it wouldn't be Sailor Moon CRYSTAL. It would just be SAILOR MOON.

So yes. It isn't better than the rest.

It's more like an equal - a standalone version of a story we all love... and... Sailor Moon Crystal is going to be great!

Just like everything that has happened in the SM-universe, it is going to rock our worlds and add all new ideas to our fandom and inspire a whole new generation of fans! But you can't compare it to the 90s anime, to the manga, to the live action, or to any other SM storyline out there because it is SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL and is its own standalone story based off of the original Sailor Moon Storyline that debuted in the manga by Naoko Takeuchi. And while it won't be better than any other version of the amazing story we already have out there, it will be just as epic and worth watching again and again!!!

Sailor Moon CRYSTAL debuts July 5th worldwide.

Like it or hate it... I really don't care.

Just stop comparing Crystal to all the other storylines like they are the same. They aren't and were never intended to be.

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WithoutAVoice Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
There is always someone out there to complain about why "this and this" sucks.

:shrug: I am just happy we will be getting another Sailor Moon and possibly a second season depending on how well it does. 
I could care less about how they made it, so long as its presented in a decent manner.

I am not someone who is that damn picky, is all I'm saying.
iLantiis Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yep - someone always with the negativity. :/

OMG I do hope we get a second season (and more). It would be nice if Viz did the whole manga storyarc.
WithoutAVoice Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
It would be wonderful if they continue the series but we will need to wait and see.
Scintillant-H Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014   General Artist
I haven't been bitching myself, but I had no idea that others were bitching up a storm. Why? I have my quips, but it's not THAT bad.

I read some of the manga a few years ago, and I don't remember their heads being too big... as is seen in Sailor Moon Crystal.
Never once during reading the manga did I think "Usagi has... cake-head-hair... so big... too big... IS HER BRAIN SWELLED??"
The manga's art style was charming, and I don't see it in this new anime. The weird part is, that in the manga, they DID make the tops of the heads too big, but it never hindered the image so much I thought "DAYUM DAT'S A BIG HEAD!"
I see a lot of those differences between the old manga style and this new anime, but what I don't see is a good reason for it. There's no reason to get the head shapes wrong, no reason for the eyes to be different (admittedly not drastically so, but still). If the original art style in the mange gave no real problems (and I'm looking at it now in another window) besides a charming take on anatomy which was "incorrect", but still cute in it's own way, then I don't see the problem with the new anime and why they HAVE these troubles. :shrug: From the looks of things, it's a situation where they tried to mimic someone else's style and didn't get it quite right. It could have easily been adapted for TV without altering the finer touches. It reminds me of Lunar Harmony, attempting to mimic the previous artist's style and... failing.
But that's not really fair to SM-Crystal, since they did a much better job mimicking Naoko Takeuchi than Harmony did mimicking Lunar. By... yeah, kind of by a lot.

As far as the attacks/ plot/ transformations being different... those whiners are just being morons. It was announced that the new anime was going to be JUST LIKE THE MANGA. So, of COURSE those things wouldn't imitate the old anime, they said already they're taking directly from the manga. Those idiots complaining just didn't pay attention, and if they don't like it, WHY ARE THEY BITCHING (besides ranting... they're allowed to vent--but not expect change) they get the OLD anime being redubbed, man! That's awesome!

Something tells me I won't like the new anime, but I've made my peace with that and it's one reason I don't bitch about it. The other reason I don't bitch... I'M GETTING THE OLD ANIME REDUBBED!! :squee: Hell, it could only get better if Slade was in it as a villain! (but that would change the old anime and I don't want that ;p ) I may not like the new anime (I won't know til I see it) but I don't even have "venting" reasons to bitch. I have nothing to vent. Just because I have a gripe with Usagi's head being too big in Crystal doesn't mean it stresses me out enough to bitch about it. I have DC comics to bitch about every month. That's enough "bitch material" for me, and even if it wasn't, PEOPLE ARE GETTING THE OLD ANIME REDUBBED TO ACCURACY! Why are they whining about the new anime? They're getting THEIR anime, not only redubbed, but CLEANED UP! All the color washing that happened with the wear and tear of time is being spiffed up to really shine. :love: I'm too happy about that to give a shit about not liking the looks of the new anime.
And if DC comics took the old awesome comics, spiffed them up with kickass art, didn't change the story any, but just gave us better looks, I'd be almost too distracted by that awesomeness to bitch about all their newer sexist, shitty, porn comics!
(seriously... "Catwoman #1" from 2011... Catwoman 'rapes' Batman at the end... AND THEY SHOW IT HAPPENING :stare: )
iLantiis Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think they tried to make their hair fluffy lol

I basically agree with you here and am really really excited to watch episode 1 to get the full feel of the new anime style and movement. The 3D... meh, but I will deal with that.

Scintillant-H Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014   General Artist
Ohhh yes... Catwoman rapes Batman.

DC comics tries to claim they rebooted their WHOLE line back in 2011 so that new readers, who don't know the characters and don't want to read hundreds of backstory comic books from 1970, can start with brand new "#1"s and get a story from the beginning. But they defy that logic with almost EVERY #1 book they came out with in 2011, including Catwoman.
You need to have buildup to a story before something this drastic, such as rape and trying to say "yeah, but it wasn't rape because...", yet it was in her FIRST BOOK, released on the SAME TIMEFRAME as all the other #1 books. There was no buildup to this twist, it was 18 pages of Catwoman showing panty shots as she kicked gangster's asses, and then, out of the blue, no reason to really be there... Batman shows up in her stolen penthouse to ask if she's ok.
She throws herself at him without even saying "hi" (or anything else), and he pulls her tongue out of his mouth to say "no, that's not why I came! I just heard your apartment burned down and thought--" he is cut off by her throwing him down and trying to strip him. She still doesn't say anything, he throws her off him and starts shouting "NO" more than once about it all.
She keeps going because, as she says in her thought bubbles "he wants it anyway", which is THE AGE OLD EXCUSE of all rapists EVER.

This scene was made to be the male sex fantasy, of a sexy woman throwing herself at the dude and "has her way" with him. This is, apparently, a common male fantasy (that never made sense to me). To make that complete, DC comics made Batman "give in" and decide to "want it anyway."
No build up. No bonding through event books first. No getting to MEET Batman first, since all these "new readers" wouldn't even know him or his supposed relationship with Catwoman at all... just--look! Rape that we turn into porn! Horray, right??
:stare: No. NOT right.
Of course, this books came out about the same time as their first animated Catwoman movie, which centers around her doing a stripper pole dance and looking to choke herself with her whip just to be sexually appealing.
They made some dumbass "plot" for it, but when you watch the movie, it's clear they wanted the Catwoman stripper pole dance, so they made up a shitty plotline to give them an "excuse."
"See? it's not about the pole dance--it's about the gangsters in the strip club that Catwoman wants to talk to!" Nevermind the pole dance goes on WAY LONGER THAN NECESSARY for that supposed "purpose" to be the real reason.

But... this is DC comics nowadays. They've gotten better at trying to pretend they're not sexist bastards, but they're still obvious about it. Before this year, I was never a full-on "feminist." I sure as hell am now. All thanks to DC comics openning my eyes to what it feels like to oppressed for my gender. By being exposed to all this, comic after comic, movie after movie, showing these things that they call "female empowerment" and "women in charge of their sexuality" (bullshit), I actually, for the first time in my life, felt that they were saying "you as a woman are expected to be nothing but a sex object.. and you HAVE NO CHOICE. You will be this... or else."

I thank DC comics for this, as I finally understand why feminist is just that important. It's not about being told your a sex object, it's about being told that you're NOT ALLOWED to be anything else, even if you also get to kick gangster's asses on the side. It's all for male entertainment, and besides that, you have no reason to live--or to be allowed to live.

They can kiss my estrogen-ass.
iLantiis Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cry run  WHY DC WHY!!!
Scintillant-H Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014   General Artist
Because "DC" stands for "Die Canon(storyline)" these days. :no:
iLantiis Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That is sad but sounds accurate :/
Scintillant-H Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014   General Artist
Ooo, "dead" sounds better :D I just always thought of each new book as a knife used to stab repeatedly all the canon characters. Like them screaming "DIE DIE DIE!!" :tears:
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