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April 12, 2013
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Respect on deviantART

Fri Apr 12, 2013, 2:43 PM

What is Respect?

Respect, in a nutshell, is "to show regard or consideration for." (per

You can show respect when arguing with or disagreeing with someone. It is simply giving another person consideration for their thoughts and opinions. While you may not always agree with everyone you meet, that doesn't mean you can simply trample over all of their thoughts and opinions without regard for their feelings, experiences, knowledge, etc. But it also doesn't mean you have to agree with them.

Take time out to BREATH before commenting on something. If it upsets you and you feel the need to curse at or belittle a person (or their work or rights), stop yourself and ask if you would feel okay if someone did the same to you. Chances are, if you wouldn't want to receive a comment or reply like that, you shouldn't leave it in the first place.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. by ashesto ::Respect:: by mimblewimble :thumb159665325: I Respect by ReverseTheEclipse Respect my art by TransparentGhost Respect Stamp by mintyfreshbrain Respect by PracticallyGeeky I respect all art stamp by Sinister-Starfeesh

What is Tolerance?

Tolerance, in a nutshell, is "a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions and practices that differ from one's own." (per

Like respect, tolerance doesn't mean you AGREE with anyone, you simply allow that person to exist and be happy in the best way they know how (no matter how silly you think it is). You can be tolerant while educating on a topic, while disagreeing on a topic, and you can be tolerant even while arguing with someone. It really isn't that difficult.

But no one can tell you what you SHOULD or MUST tolerate in life. For example, you should never tolerate anyone bullying you or harassing you. You shouldn't tolerate people disrespecting you, and you most certainly should not tolerate people trying to harm you. But you should not disrespect those people or let your own wealth of tolerance dry up because of a few intolerant and disrespectful individuals. Just remember, like respect, if you wouldn't want it done or said to you, don't do it to other people.

support tolerance by unused-nick :thumb197473228: Tolerance by SweetLolitaDoll :thumb154082698:

:star: Respect and Tolerance on deviantART :star:

There are several different times on deviantART (and most any social site) where you will find intolerance and a lack of respect. Even the most respectful and tolerant of people have emotions and feelings who will break down be intolerant or disrespectful sometimes. We are all human. We are not perfect. But that should not stop you from TRYING to be tolerant and respectful at all times. And if you find yourself becoming intolerant or disrespectful, it is okay to apologize (an apology is not a sign of weakness, guilt, shame, etc).

:damphyr: Copyrights
Copyrights create a huge divide on nearly every part of the planet and on nearly every website. The bottom line is that each artist has the option to CHOOSE whether or not use the protections given to them when it comes to their art: its use, its distribution, its availability, etc. Copyright law, especially on US-based sites like deviantART, is something that simply must be tolerated. Why? Because it is the law in the USA, and when you use services rendered by providers working out of or off of US-based servers (or through US-based companies), you are bound by US law (even when you are in another country). So it comes down to respect: Respect the artist if they choose to use the protections given to them by US law. Respect them if they choose to not use those protections (as an example, follow their rules for they types of usage they do allow). Just because you don't like or agree with copyright protection or the choice of an artist to use or not use that protection doesn't mean you should be intolerant or disrespect the artists and their art.

A Copyright Briefing (New Updates 3/5/13)I am not a lawyer. I do not know everything there is to know about copyright law and cannot assist you with legal matters. I have studied copyright extensively and written many DMCA Takedown Requests for myself to successfully get the illegal use of my work stopped. This article is in no way comprehensive. It does not include 100% detail on copyright laws. If you want more information or just want to browse more of my writing on copyrights, please go here.
Copyright and "Theft"
Why sharing can be illegal.
There is quite a bit of confusion about copyright law, the DMCA, fair use, de minimus, etc. And rightly so. I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt when I come across what appears to be a "theft" issue. Even people in the United States, the home of the DMCA and one of the strongest supporters of

:damphyr: Fandoms and Fanart
You may run into this a lot... You find a fandom you don't like or a 'hater' of your fandom finds you. Yes, we all will enjoy different things - from soup to fabric patterns to, you guessed it, ART. And part of art and being respectful of artists and their work is understanding that just because YOU don't like a particular show or character does not make that show or character bad. It does not invalidate the artist or their art. And it most certainly doesn't open the floodgates for you to say and do whatever you want because YOU don't like it. You don't have to view it if you don't like it - tolerate it's existence and stay away from it. If you can't do that, at least give respect to the artist and don't flame them for enjoying something you don't enjoy. The same goes for art that you don't think is done "well" or art that is "good enough" to be on an art site. We are all at different places in our lives with different skill levels - respect those artists who are still learning (ALL OF US).

Give Respect Get Respect by GBIllustrations

:damphyr: Bullying
Bullies are everywhere whether you like it or not. Sometimes they are called "trolls" or are said to be "harassing" other people. Either way, bullying people into agreeing with you or changing your mind is not tolerant or respectful. Encouraging other people to do bad or illegal things simply because it is how you think and believe is not respectful. Blocking someone because their opinion is different from your own is also not respectful and shows a great deal of intolerance. And joining in and mobbing a person because you don't like how they do art, their fandom choice, the colors of their character, etc is not right and very disrespectful (and often simply hateful). Just don't do it.

Spirit Day Poster 2012 by KobayashiHisa

:damphyr: More...
There is no end to the types of disrespect or the available encounters that could produce disrespect or show intolerance on deviantART. Those are the top three I see on a regular basis here on deviantART and are usually "hot buttons" for many people (much like politics, religion and sexuality are considered 'sensitive' subjects that should be avoided in 'polite company'). Other times you may see, be a victim of, or find yourself engaged in respect and tolerance issues such as...

:bulletpurple: Style of art by an artist
:bulletpurple: Medium of art by an artist
:bulletpurple: Poorly written or just plain rude comments
:bulletpurple: Unfair or outright ugly critiques
:bulletpurple: Level of skill of an artist
:bulletpurple: Spelling or grammar of a user
:bulletpurple: Cussing, name-calling or defamation
:bulletpurple: Users mobbed for blocking or reporting spam

The list goes on and on unfortunately. And it will never stop growing so long as people choose themselves above everyone else. This is the real world - even online. You need to show and have respect and tolerance. NEED - not have, but need. It is needed for this site to continue to grow, needed for new artists to be able to spread their wings and try new things, needed for veteran artists to be able to network and grow businesses, and it is needed to be able to educate others and share your own thoughts, experiences and knowledge with the world. Without respect, no one will listen to you or take you seriously. If you don't care about that now, know that eventually you will - and you will have regrets later if you don't already have them now.

Respect and Tolerance by Chrysalislover

#CreateRespect is a group dedicated to helping deviants become aware of disrespect and intolerance in the deviantART community and correct it by starting at the source - you, me, him, her, them, etc. The change starts inside each of us.
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BritishBlaster3000 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This entry helps me to plan before commenting

we live in the shadows and we die in the shadows
BritishBlaster3000 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I am entirely careful about my approach but suddenly I got too careless and blinded with fandomLoveand unintentionally border-line stalked 2 members online scaring and threatening their families which I never meant to do but they blocked me on the spot and her friends took it out on meBOO!despite my attempts to apologize which they think it is harrassment.

I feel discontent about it for those who blocked me and myself for weeks on end Due to all of this I carried out a selfless act by going on a hiatus from DAInvisible out of own guilt and conscience crisis but Worried popped by to check for replys from a mentoring deviant who know these people and would help me to reclaim my good name, repair my reputation and do anything to tell her that i have truly regretted my actions. 

We are not all perfect You and I we have major flaws which could be reparable sometimes like these 2 week I made the worst mess out of the ordeal.

This journal entry have inspired me but i need further advice Mark my words it is inspiring
JoeHurricane Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2013  Student General Artist
I've noticed that certain people on DA tend to be emotionally fragile, or they just want to pick fights.. It's sad, really

If you say the slightest thing that gets to someone, then something horrible spurs out.
iLantiis Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Emotionally fragile or not, everyone's feelings and opinions should be respected. So if you are encountering someone who you know may take things too personally and react badly, then you should just not talk to them or be very careful about how you approach them.

Sometimes emotions run deeper in some people than in others. People can tell me all day long that I am a fat ugly whore. I will send a reply to let them know that they behaved inappropriately and block them. Someone else may take that to heart and be truly hurt by it. You just can never know. And it is never a good excuse to say that the person whose feelings were hurt is just 'too emotional' or 'overly sensitive' or 'butthurt' or whatever. No two people are the same or will react the same to the same type of criticism (deserved or not).
JoeHurricane Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013  Student General Artist
Generally, yes, I am careful about my approach. Sometimes I get too careless and let a joke slip, or something along that line, and something negative just happens from there. Some people can take a joke, others cannot, something I can understand (unlike certain people lurking around here).

Sometimes I do get discouraged from visiting DA (or really, just getting on the Internet) for a while because someone says something mean to me or specifically points out and criticizes a bad point of mine. I feel horrible about it for hours, maybe days if I don't feel better about it or simply laugh it off soon. I take a lot of things to heart too, to the point where people have said I take things too seriously; though in recent times I've lightened up somewhat.

Some people are considerate, some aren't. Some like to argue, others like me almost never do so, and make a horrible mess out of it when it does..
iLantiis Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, it is a shame when you say something that you didn't mean to be rude or offensive but everyone takes it that way. It is the darker side of the internet where people can't hear you or see your face to know it was a joke or sarcasm. Text just cannot replace a voice and facial expressions lol - too bad some people don't know or care about that and run around acting like they are innocent because they claim that every horrible thing they say is "sarcasm" or a "joke."
SecretQuest777 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013
There are also a lot of rude users on DA, such as :iconburai-hellhound::icon5oulcore: and :icongeth-vi:. These users make stamps that insult other people's interest. I really hate when users have bad attitudes like that.
iLantiis Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't agree with insulting others, but they have a right to their opinions and to express them openly. I do agree that it would be better for them to not make the expressions insulting to others though.
Mikhanator Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Love and Tolerate~ And now Respect~ :iconhypnolaplz: We need moar of these!
iLantiis Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes we do! :la:
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