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Pokemon Black Breaks my Thumb!

Tue Mar 8, 2011, 7:01 PM
Well, I have Black and White, but KobayashiHisa is playing Pokemon White. Nao worked all day Sunday when they came out, so I started and got my first badge. Then, I used her game to get the other two starters and monkey pokemon for myself. I asked Nao what she wanted as a starter, and as usual she chose the grass type. So, while she slept, I got her the other two starters and monkeys. I slept while she played to her first badge. When I woke up, I thought my thumb would never move again. DX I started with Tepig and Nao started with Snivey. So far, I think my favorite new pokemon is Woobat! Or maybe Roggenrola (sp?)... I am also using Venipede a lot although I am a fire and bug pokemon lover, so it isn't any surprise there. Nao though really likes Herdier, and in our first battle she showed me why. She took out my whole team with that one Pokemon. I loathe that Pokemon... o.0

:star: GREAT COLLAGE CONTEST - Check it out!
ATrue is host an amazing contest over at deviantHEART,and there are some AMAZING prizes at stake to include premium subs from myself and Moonbeam13, devwear from fourteenthstar, plus artwork and journal features from other great and generous deviants! PLUS a guaranteed 10 points for each person who submits a valid entry!! This is a great personal growth opportunity as well as great fun. The objective is to create a collage with positive words and spell out some or all of your name. It has to be traditional only, with scissors, paper, and glue. It is bound to be great fun, and I plan to create a collage as well though I am not sure I will have time to complete it for the contest, so I will probably sit this one out as a judge. Check it out and fave the news article to help spread the word even if you aren't able to participate! ♥

Nothing is ever free to use. Please be kind and always read my descriptions to find out what you can use and what the limits of that use are. That includes this layout. I put my name and anime self on it for a reason. I know it is simple, but I have seen people claim much worse as their work when it wasn't... Thanks for being honest and upstanding.

Group News

Stage 3 winner announced for the Words of Encouragement Contest! We are in the grand finale now just waiting on the last submission. I hope to have this wrapped up about midMarch! We have also started an admin account supportHEART to help with point donations and pimping our favorite news articles. I made the current icon for the account and am happy to see it is like enough to not have been immediately replaced! lol ♥

A few changes have been made around the group. Myself and a few other admins are feeling really really overwhelmed, so I went through and adjusted some settings to help with the volume of submissions as well as who has what permissions. So far it is doing well and I feel a little more free with my time since I don't have 100 submissions to vote on the moment I log in lol! I love that the members are so active, but when you have too many restrictions, it gets overwhelming so fast! ♥

The Obscure Soldier has started! There is a list of 20 obscure (but real) words to choose from. Contestants have to choose 8 of those words to create their Obscure Soldier. Phase 1 is strictly the fuku and the use of the 8 words. The 10 contestants who finish Phase 1 move on to Phase 2 where they create a dynamic image of their Obscure Senshi and then fill out a form describing them. Some REALLY great prizes available! Come check out the blog and join in if you feel up to it! The first phase ends March 10th! ♥

Still going on strong. I have written another article: The Real Crime which is about what happens to digital art and artists when someone takes off with out art illegally. So far the feedback has been good. And there are some great links in the article that could help you understand your rights as well as the epidemic we as digital artists face. ♥

Working on a new spring and a summer journal for Mental-IllnessClub. I seem to be going journal nuts. They are a lot of fun to create, so hopefully I will have time to make some installable journals for other premium deviants to use! Other than that, the group is still going strong and helping to give support to those who could really use it and to those who think they don't need it but could use a hug anyway. ♥

Wow! We had a good group of deviations for the top 15. It was a close one, but the top 10 have finally been announced! We are into the next round, and I can't wait until we get some submissions so I can get back to judging! ♥

Newest group to add to the list! I was pleasantly surprised to be chosen as an admin for this group. I am elated and honored and hope I do well! Recently, we had a journal change which was created by myself as well as a contest for a new icon! I did enter that contest, but I have to say, the best icon won! ♥

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SM with attitude 7 by LadyMako Arianna's Frame by laurenlorenz Cadet DeviantSenshi v1 by KobayashiHisa Commission for Rae by GoatSocks :thumb187486188: Peach Blossom by Rain-a-Sky fb Graffiti - Blue Words by Luisazo

I love Math by HippieOtter

♥ Journal by iLantiis for Dndeviants
iLantiis Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It seemed to work for me and Nao! lol I finally beat her in a battle too. :dance:
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