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Not Amused.

I am way too busy and too old for all of the drama and fapping that seems to happen, so I have resigned myself to blocking rude-ass people at strike two and only making time for the art I love for the groups and people I love.

I will not do artwork for you. Please visit my website if you want to commission me. Paypal only.

I will not unblock you. If you are blocked - you deserve it. Probably for showing me your ass. I don't care that you want to apologize - take it and go. And don't bother my friends by trying to turn them into messenger pigeons to deliver your apology. I don't want it - I don't deal with rude people. Period.

I earned my Seniority and Deviousness Award by being NICE and HELPFUL and RESPECTFUL to EVERYBODY. No, I can't help you earn them. You have to do that on your own by not being rude and by trying to be helpful (that means no whining, no begging, no trolling). Good luck.

I only participate on dA for a few core groups I am in. I sometimes do other things but it is all essentially...

Sailor Moon
My Groups

OC Senshi Diary♥♥♥ Why?
Because nearly every SM Fanartist I know is doing it, and it looks fun... So I am pretending to be pressured into doing it too :3 Thus we now have a fairly comprehensive list of all my OCs, designs and ideas related to fansenshi (at least from me). This list comes complete with MINI-bios and deviation thumbs for those who are completed. BUT because the list is SO HUGE, it has been separated into THREE SEPARATE JOURNALS.
♥ ...Can I?
Anyone is free to use any of my ideas to create their own fansenshi, but please make sure your senshi based on my senshi is not a carbon-copy of my senshi. BE CREATIVE :D Credit for the concept is always nice but not necessary (although if you do a fanart of one of my OCs or your 'redesign' of my OC or idea is too close to my actual OC then credit will be required or I will make a report to dA to have that work removed - I am a @$*%$#^!%*).
Join My NGCs: Open Red Stars plus GROUP! 

Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!
About the Project
No deadlines for this side project. Just fun without pressure. As more stars are claimed, I will be doing side projects that will include senshi who have been drawn or whose bios have been completed. But again, zero pressure. Do what you want at the speed you want. This is for fun and may sometimes include prizes like subs and points for those who choose to participate in the little side projects (not contests).

Queen Huya Badge by iLantiis

Today's theme is... 

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Red Death by AngelicHellraiser

Dear Admins of the Sailor Moon Crystal Page on Facebook,

I am not an unreasonable person. I am typically a patient person, an understanding person and a person who, above all else, tries to give trust and respect to everyone even when it hasn't been earned or deserved.

But I have my limits. And you have crossed that line with me. I am appalled at your actions and the actions of some of your admins. I request a full public apology to my page, page members, and page admins as well as an apology to the artists you've hurt and the members of your page.

Your recent actions and past inaction have appalled me - now to my limits of what I will outright tolerate and do nothing about. So to the world I give and show what happens behind the curtain at the Sailor Moon Crystal page on Facebook...

Sincerely Yours,
Lantiis aka Reverend Whittaker

* * * * * *

Signal Boost Please 

* * * * * *

It started about a month or so ago. It came to my page's attention (GAC:SM) that a page on Facebook (Sailor Moon Crystal) was posting art without proper credits. It is the policy of GAC:SM to approach such pages first in comments leaving behind who the artwork belongs to and ask for the post to be updated. So we did this and were told by several admins that they didn't have time for such things and that it was too hard on mobile devices. After several other attempts, we were simply told by an admin that art posted on the internet is free and they don't have to credit anything and to leave them alone.

So we moved to a second set of tactics which was to send the artists themselves there. They too were told by the admins that they didn't have time and it was too difficult on mobile devices to properly credit. Some of the artists were blocked from the group for stating their work could not be posted without a link back to them. Naturally this pissed people off - yes, it angers artists when they are told their work won't be credited and then are blocked.

So all that happened over the course of about a month or two, with about a dozen or so comments and excuses exchanged myself and these page admins, so my page was working on an educational letter to send to the group in the hopes of making a change to make sure the artists are credited for their works in the future. Before we could do anything, the following post appears on the page:


I replied immediately - obviously. I was instantaneously irked that the artists who want credit for their work are the 'bad guys' in all this. We are not the bad guys and had offered to help find the artists FOR THE PAGE ADMINS several times. Never once were we taken up on the offer.

Previously, on any number of accounts (as I have a few FB accounts), I had made it known that using the available social share buttons was easier and quicker than saving a file, uploading a file and then attempting to paste credit. I had previously also shared a few other tips on how to make crediting easier if you didn't use the social share buttons. No one listened to me.

So here we were now, on August 25th with this hate-filled post. Then this appears:


Now by this time I was fairly peeved but still on the original mission to make sure the artists were treated fairly and with respect. At this time, Sailor Pluto (the head admin at the time), removed this entire post and thread and put up a new one apologizing for the post. She offered assistance to those who requested it and gave freely her name so we could contact her. And I did:


Hello. Thank you for removing the other post. It was excessively inflammatory and did not help that there was an ex admin on there ridiculing artists for wanting credit and a current admin making threats to ban artists who continued to voice their concerns. Very alarming.

I'm messaging you because I run Global Art Community: Sailor Moon… (and…) and have linked my page to your admins before with the offer to help find unknown artists before the art has been published. We have never been taken up on the offer. We have also, a few times, pointed out easier and more respectful methods of sharing art that are still going unused. It's why I grabbed hold of that post so quickly and made it my mission to get artists voicing their concerns on it ASAP.

The offer still exists. We want your page to be successful and get beautiful art and talented artists out there. But our mission is to make sure that the art and artist go hand in hand. It isn't right for an artist to work so hard on their art and get nothing for it while all these pages get popular off of it. I hope you can understand that.


I was informed by Sailor Pluto that she was stepping down but that a new head admin would be contacting me SOON and did indeed want the help. I was elated and thanked Sailor Pluto. I waited 12 hours but this contacting me soon never happened. I was not given a name, so I sent the page the following message:


I was told someone would be contacting me and what I get is zip - I thoroughly understand that you all have lives outside of this page, but when you upset an entire community of artists, I think it would make the top of your list to contact the head asshat of the artist movement (ie me).

I have offered - over and over again - my page's support and help to your page on crediting and not a single time has the offer been taken up. We have offered multiple solutions the crediting issue to make it easier on you and the admins of this page. Still no change.

All we (the artists) are asking is that if you can't find the artist and there isn't a share button to use, either don't post it or link the image to Global Art Community: Sailor Moon (…) so we can find it for you BEFORE you post it.

Our #1 goal is for your page and pages like yours to be popular - the right way. This means the artists and artwork should go hand in hand. It is respect and a legality issue:… - You need to invest an hour into watching the video linked there as an expert on copyright law talks about the legality of fanart (and yes, the fans who create it DO have rights to it).

It isn't right for an artist to work hard on a piece of work only to have it taken and attributed to them - yet make a page like this popular while the artist gets zero recognition for their work (and no, simply stating the work isn't yours or 'credit to the artist' doesn't give them credit - putting their name/identity out there does).

Please take a moment to think and then contact me. Please actually accept the help that is being (and has repeatedly been) offered to you. We aren't your enemy but will fight to the bitter end to see that we artists are given the respect we deserve.



What I received in reply was more or less what I expected since the page had previously said they would change but never ever did. So when I got a reply of 'it's taken care of,' I pretty much just let it be. Then the new head admin, Sailor Mercury, came back to let me know that she was pissed I took screencaps of the group's failure and posted them to spread awareness about the problem artists are facing.

Fair enough. I removed the screencaps from Facebook, Twitter and my Tumblr (tho it had already been shared on Tumblr so some still exist outside of this journal and signal boosted posts). She claimed I was offensive and rude which I apologized for, but I made perfectly clear that the apology was not for spreading awareness of the issue of artist's rights. So I was blocked.

No big deal. Not the first nor last time. Time to move (or so I thought).

Immediately upon being blocked, my page GAC:SM received 15 new notifications from people all of a sudden wanting help (and being incredibly rude about it) finding the names of artists before posting the art to their page (a page that went unnamed). All but one of these comments were deleted by the commentor before we could reply, and the one that wasn't deleted (or that we weren't blocked by) was deleted quick enough that despite finding the information the person asked for, I could not reply because the comment was gone.

At the same time, a random request came in from a brand new account named Tenoh Haruka. The request was to help find some 'high quality' Facebook pages to like that also credited artists. From there, I looked at the profile to see they had like Sailor Moon Crystal. I mentioned Sailor Moon Crystal and Fans of Sailor Moon as two pages I would recommend.

From there the conversation escalated into what GAC:SM does and then the user wanted to be an admin. Despite the fact that I knew exactly what was going on, I chose to make the user an admin and wait for them to have a conscience and come clean on their scam. They chose not to.

This user's activity shows that they liked GAC:SM AFTER the SMC page. They liked the SMC page before they claimed to of known about it. They chose to not like the other quality FB page I mentioned. The only other activity after the liking of the SMC page and my page, GAC:SM, is some random profile stuff and accepting my friend request:

The account is being run deceitfully by an admin of SMC to do who knows what. But this is the last straw for me. I gave this Haruka time to come clean. I showed this person what we are all about. I gave them every opportunity to be honest and make what they had done right. It didn't happen.

Then this fantastic tidbit arises - the very admin in the group (Uranus) who matches the timing, name and rude request we got uses the VERY ARTWORK to promote a contest in the SMC group. Not just promote with it mind you but EDITS THE ARTWORK (I am sure without permission though only TinySailorMoon can tell us for sure since its their art).

 Untitled by iLantiis Untitled by iLantiis

Why does the admin Mercury and her fellow admin Uranus feel the need to be deceitful and lie like this? I don't know. Regardless of WHY, the Sailor Moon Crystal page is clearly run by, dare I say it, internet trolls. Deceit, lies, cover-ups, unauthorized edits of artists works, and whatever else could possibly be happening there... But the page is clearly a black mark on the community with admins running amok causing drama where things were previously settled and civil.


Not only is this page guilty of posting art without permission or credit (and not caring at all about it as well as editing that artwork without permission), but they are now also going out and lying to people and attempting scam their way into pages they don't like for the purposes of causing yet more drama and unrest.

We don't need this sort of thing.
It needs to stop.

Signal Boost!

In addition, I am sad to say that artists still aren't being linked as promised by the head admin Mercury. Many posts are "credit on the artwork" or just displaying a name at this time. While that is nice and all, if you are going to make the promise publicly, DO IT!


And despite this public post, the admin of the page says very different things in private:


In her page PM to me (and note the admins doing this are still with the page - not at all dealt with):


Not only is this page guilty of posting art without permission or credit (and not caring at all about it as well as editing that artwork without permission), but they are now also going out and lying to people and attempting scam their way into pages they don't like for the purposes of causing yet more drama and unrest.

We don't need this sort of thing.
It needs to stop.

Signal Boost!

Skull and Roses by AngelicHellraiser

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Please know that if you try to pick a fight with me, I will not fight with you or become aggressive. If I feel I have wronged you in some way to cause the ill-will, I will apologize for it. I will take the high road, but I also consider a reply to any comment an invitation to continue the conversation even if you say to not comment back. If any of that is something you think you can't handle, do us both a favor and just don't contact me. Thank you.

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Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
`The-Lantiis is a shining example of how to be a selfless deviant. From journals that inspire others to show respect within the community to deviations that encourage partipation in charitable events, Elizabeth always demonstrates that she has exactly what it takes to be a true deviant. But that's not all, let's not forget that Elizabeth is Founder of the fantastic #dAWishingWell Group, which is a must have addition to your devwatch if it isn't already there. We're very honored to bestow the Deviousness Award for November 2012 to `The-Lantiis, Congratulations!
-awarded November 2012



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