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My OC Diary♥ ...Can I draw your senshi / use your idea?
If information is included here or on the teams page that shows you how to create a senshi or OC in that style, yes, you can use the idea. Just bust a link back or tag my name in any uploads. And yes, you can draw my OCs anytime - just let me know when you are done so I can love all over it XD
:star: Senshi for dA Groups :star:
These senshi were created for various groups on deviantART, either as mascots or as characters in a storyline.


OC TeamsStar! Cadet Senshi
The trainees of the sailor senshi, born in an era with very few senshi BORN with innate magical powers, these senshi use technology to harness power and abilities not otherwise available to them. The story starts in a time where there is no more Sailor Moon as we know her. She has faded into legend as has her court. However her descendants are still alive and well. Create a cadet using the reference available below. Meet your princess, Selerity.

My First Cadets 

My Current Cadet Team 

General Cadet Daedra 

General Cadet Jin

Captain Cadet Eve
Lieutenant Cadet Channery
Cadet Mirabelle
Cadet Abbie

:iconambrivansociety: :icondeviantheart: :icondawishingwell:

My RulesYou have made the choice to come to my profile. This is my home on deviantART. I will block people. I do defend myself. I am annoyingly stubborn. If you cannot or do not want to deal with those facts, I suggest you leave for now.
:star: Rudeness
Rudeness will not be tolerated. Period. I will block you.
:star: Opinions
I would love to hear your opinions, ideas, suggestions, etc. However, none of these things should ever sound like, "You're a liar," "You're a hippo," "Get a life," etc. See rudeness above.
:star: "You're a hypocrite!"
Get over it. Everyone is a hypocrite to an extent. At least I know it - I don't require your redundant observation.
:star: About Me & Bragging
Look, I am not proud of being disabled; I am proud of what I have been able to accomplish and overcome against all the odds stacked against me with my limitations. Remember that before you harass me about bragging
About Me and a FAQ:love: About Me
♥ I am a mother and a hobbyist artist. I do photography, digital art, and traditional art. Sometimes I also do CSS and web design.
♥ I am a disabled Air Force veteran, a reverend, and I am college educated (highest degree is a BS in Math). The light of my life is my beautiful daughter!
♥ Outside of dA, I participate in several charities such as volunteering with the Blood Mobile and Relay for Life, rescue stray animals, and participate with my local chapter of Phi Theta Kappa as much as possible. I may have downsized what I do on deviantART, but my love for those I have met here only grows!
♥ On deviantART, I participate in several groups - most of them are about Sailor Moon, respect or positivity (or a combination of the three). Much of my online activity has moved to Facebook and SMAU despite my continued activity in a few groups on deviantART.
:star: A FAQ


iLantiis has started a donation pool!
200 / 10,000

Help Ambrivan Society go SUPER!


Aside from helping Ambrivan Society go super, I will also use points to grant wishes at dA Wishing Well and help people over at deviantHEART by spreading positivity ♥ ♥ ♥

:icondawishingwell: :icondeviantheart:

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:iconambrivansociety: :icondeviantheart: :icondawishingwell:

Hello! I have good news!

Mon Apr 3, 2017, 3:03 PM

♥ ♥ ♥

Good News FIRST

No, I won't make you hunt for it :3 I have been hired on as the new GM at our local Days Inn! I am super excited for this opportunity! The staff so far have been fantastic to interact with which has made my life transition to the Days Inn easy and wonderful! But with that said comes some absences as this hotel has a 1.7 our of 5 star rating!!! Holy Moses do I have a lot of work to do! But like all things, everything will fall into place in it's own time with some hard work. Art will just be slower for me as much of my time will be split between my daughter and the hotel now.


AmbrivanSociety is still looking for one more guest artist to be a breeder and help manage the group. We are also still hosting a contest and raffle, so get in on that! They end April 15th.

Ambrivan Society Pet Creation Contest and Raffle!The contest officially begins TODAY, March 15th, and ends April 15th at midnight CST!

:star: Pet Creation Contest
Create a cute closed-species cuddly for all Ambrivans to collect, train, show off, nurture, etc. This closed pet species will be yours exclusively to adopt out to members of the group if you win (and want to), will be available in the Ambri Shop (non-negotiable), and can be bred if you allow that (among other things).

:bulletpink: Can create only one pet, so make it good!
:bulletpink: If you win the grand prize, your pet will be used in the group indefinitely.
:bulletpink: You do NOT need to have an Ambrivan to participate.
:bulletpink: You DO have to be a member of AmbrivanSociety to participate
:bulletpink: Only one grand prize winner. All others get a participation prize!
Ambrivan Quick Start Guide:iconambrivansociety:
Many of you have noticed the work that has gone into creating AmbrivanSociety and the closed Ambrivan Species. Some of you have been waiting to find an adopt you just can't live without. Others have been working on offers to get adopts. When it is all said and done, I am very pleased with the first month of Ambrivan life :3 However, several people have noted it is a little confusing and a tad overwhelming. So here is a quickie guide into how to begin!
:star: Step One

Adopt an Ambrivan!
You can't do much of anything without a teen or adult, so go adopt one! Adult adopts can be adult or teen ages, but your first has to be an adult. After that you can age your later adult adopts to teens and also adopt babies! (and even some pets!)

:star: Step Two

Submit a Reference of your Ambrivan
Submitting a reference let's you decide where they live, their name(s), make a fashion statement
Recruiting Ambrivan Breeders:iconambrivansociety:
What is a Breeder?
A breeder is a person who is given rights to make and sell Ambrivan adopts. These individuals are multifaceted in that they can use complex files, organize within a dA group, run various events, and quite importantly keep up with the general group paperwork via the main journals (Ambri amounts, dictionary additions, and both rosters). Breeders are all that because they are also an admin over at AmbrivanSociety

How to become a Breeder

The easiest way to become a breeder is to adopt a breedable Ambrivan. Once you have a breedable Ambrivan, that character can breed adopts with any other Ambrivan, even same gender or non-breeding Ambrivans, passing it and it's breeding partner's various traits to their offspring. In order to accomplish this, you must clearly have an Ambrivan already. And yes, you CAN breed with other dA member's Ambrivans with their permission. The only other way to

:iconambrivansociety: :iconambrivansociety: :iconambrivansociety:

Upcoming Changes

Yes, besides the amount of art and timeliness of it, I am switching to more traditional art. You will be seeing a lot less digital art from me in the future. I will still do digital art, but my primary medium of choice is now going to be pencil, paper, and colored pencil. Wish me luck XD

Blow kiss Blow kiss Blow kiss

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
`The-Lantiis is a shining example of how to be a selfless deviant. From journals that inspire others to show respect within the community to deviations that encourage partipation in charitable events, Elizabeth always demonstrates that she has exactly what it takes to be a true deviant. But that's not all, let's not forget that Elizabeth is Founder of the fantastic #dAWishingWell Group, which is a must have addition to your devwatch if it isn't already there. We're very honored to bestow the Deviousness Award for November 2012 to `The-Lantiis, Congratulations!
-awarded November 2012


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